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Urban Ecology Podcast

Apr 12, 2021

In this episode -- the third in our 4-part series on environmental education -- we take a dive into another component of the ecosystem of education at the Urban Ecology Center: Community Programs. In conversation with educators Erin and José, our podcast interviewer Tim explores the meaning of community through the lens of these programs, as well as the ways that the focus of education differs when we consider a much wider audience. Previous episodes included descriptions of the Neighborhood Environmental Education Project (NEEP), but here the focus is all Community Programs (CP). Bringing a range of experience and different backgrounds, José and Erin share what it takes to succeed in the dynamic role of a Community Programs Educator.

This episode is hosted by Chris Young and Tim Vargo with contributions from José Basaldua, Erin Whitney, and Ken Leinbach. Edited by Danny Pirtle.

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